Thoughts on “Letter to a younger me”

This one post really captivated my attention.
I felt like the letter was written for me.

large (36).jpg

Years from now, maybe I’ll look back and think about all the things I went through and I’ll be thankful for where they brought me. Sometimes, our mind cannot perceive the bigger picture behind every little thing that happens. Be it a failure, a pain we’re experiencing or anger. One day, it’ll make sense. When you grow calmer, when you’re finally where you’re meant to be.
People will come and go, some will hurt you, others will use you. And those who really matter will stand by your side until the very end.

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“Letter to a younger me” made me realise that sometimes, we have let things happen as they are meant to be. They’ll eventually make sense. Not tomorrow, not in a month, not even in a year, but someday they sure will. Every piece of the puzzle will connect and you’ll get to see the whole picture. The dark days, the shiny ones, the happy moments, the tears, all will connect.


People will come and make you feel bad, you’ll break into a million of pieces and you’ll feel bad. But then, you’ll rise again, reconstructing yourself from every single broken piece, building a whole new self. Courage to move towards a brighter future will come, patience to deal with the rude and the obnoxious will come, determination to become will come.


Until then, believe in yourself and breathe.

Your future awaits…




your future self.



Link to Letter to a younger me


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